Summer tyres provide the best driving experience during summers

Summer tyres are designed for optimal performance during the summer season. The one thing that characterizes summers is that you have warm weather; at least that is what most people associate with summers. Tyres that are designed for driving on asphalt during normal summer temperatures are called summer tyres. They are designed to perform well on both dry and wet roads during summer conditions. You need to be able to rely on your summer tyres for stability and grip during the whole summer season until you change to winter tyres. Your summer tyres should also be able to prevent aquaplaning when you drive in heavy rain.

High quality tyres will have a low rolling resistance which allows the wheels to turn with less energy, leading to both a lower fuel consumption and tyre wear. Giving them a longer trouble-free service life. Low rolling resistance also leads to lower CO2 emissions and tyre waste, which is good from an environmental point of view. You also higher rolling resistance when you drive with under inflated tyres, which should be avoided due to the reasons above.  Low tread depth is something that can impact the driving safety as you will have worse grip, extend the braking distance and diminish the ability to push away any water that is present on the road surface, which is why you need to change tyres once you go below a 4 mm tread depth level.

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