The Nokian zLine might be your summer tyre

Summer Tyres

If you own a sporty car and live in central Europe, then Nokian zLine might be the best tyre for your car. These are specially designed for high speeds, stability combined with performance and high demand for the varying summer temperatures that are present in Central Europe. They are classified as sporty tyres for demanding driving situations. These are built for both dry and wet roads and have excellent properties for both conditions.

When you select summer tyres, you always have to consider the circumstances that you will drive in and what is most important for your tyre selection. Wet conditions are always important as the rain makes the road surface slippery. This is why you need really good wet properties so that you have good wet grip and aquaplaning prevention properties. These tyres have aquaplaning indicators on the tyres so that you can see when they are more susceptible to aquaplaning, which is when they reach the 4 mm mark. When you go below this you are more likely to experience it.

These tyres are recommended for use on electrical and hybrid cars, as they can handle the heavier weight. Heavier vehicles take longer time to stop, which is why you need to have better grip and shorter braking distance. This is what gives them extreme safety on wet roads. These tyres also provide for this in addition to have excellent and precise handling even at high speeds. This makes these tyres excellent for fast cars regardless of what summer weather that you will face when you drive.

The use of different rubber compounds in a multi-layered structure affect the different characteristics of the tyre. Nokian Tyres uses UHP Silica as the top layer, or tread compound, which is especially tailored for heavy use and high speeds; it ensures that the feel for the road remains predictable even at high speeds and challenging conditions. The layers below the tread surface consist of a nano-silica compound. This combination makes the tyre much more responsive to steering than a traditional rubber compound. The bottom on the other hand consist of a very rigid rubber compound that reduces the rolling resistance and heat generation of the tyre. Lower heat generation increases the durability and lifetime while the low rolling resistance leads to low fuel consumption and environmentally damaging CO2 emissions.

As you can see these tyres are tyres of high quality that will ensure that you can drive your sporty car regardless of what summer conditions that you will be driving in. They have low rolling resistance and will consume less fuel with lower wear. So even when you drive at high speeds you will be safe and the tyres will last a long time due to the low wear. In addition, you have excellent performance at high speeds, so that you can have full control when you change lanes, regardless if you drive in dry or wet conditions. If you have winter tyres on your car, this are the ones that should be coming on as summer is approaching.

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