Get the correct tire dimensions when purchasing new all-season tires

The correct dimension of all-season tires are the most optimal tires for the summer season. They perform well during the hot summer weather as well as during summer rain and heavy thunderstorms. You do need to make sure that you select tires of the dimension that is recommended by the owner’s manual. You can often check the dimension of the tires that are currently on your car. If you are looking for 225/65/17 all-season tires.

All-season tires are also optimized for handling summer rain and wet roads with excellent control. Wide grooves are able to push more water away from the surface to avoid hydroplaning, but innovative tread designs will improve the ability to push away water even further. Some of these include hydro grooves, which are elliptical indentions that can store water when the tire is pressed against the surface. Another one is providing polished grooves that enable the water to flow more rapidly allowing more water to move away from the surface to keep the contact between the tires and the road surface, so that you don’t lose control over your vehicle and can remain safe.

Hydroplaning is the main reason for accidents during the summer and should be recognized as a real danger when driving in wet conditions. The ability to avoid hydroplaning with good tires improves your safety drastically. Good wet grip and ability to remain in control even in wet condition and good wet grip ensures that you have a short braking distance in order to avoid accidents.

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