A Look At The Olhausen Pool Cue Racks That You Can Purchase

man playing pool

When you purchase a pool table, one of the accessories you need to buy to make sure that the game play goes on smoothly is the Olhausen pool cue rack. A thoughtfully selected cue rack and holder can help you arrange your cues neatly and make the unit look like an arty game-room show-piece.

On the market, you will find different types of pool cue racks and holders. One of the popular cue racks that you can purchase is the wall-mounted rack. This is a 2-piece cue holder. The base piece features insets or grooves in which the cues can be rested. The other part features clamps in which the other side of cue can be fixed. One of the things that you will love about this type of Olhausen pool cue rack is that the cues will remain secured in place. Since it does not use even an inch of floor space, it helps save space.

You will find a wall-mounted cue holder to be very ideal for a compact game room where floor space is scarce.  Since it is made of wood, it can match well with a wooden floor or other types of wooden accents in the room in which it will be installed. It is also a good cue rack to purchase if you are on a budget because it is affordable.

Another type of Olhausen pool cue rack that you can purchase is the corner pool cue floor rack. This one has two perpendicular sides that fit into the corner angle. The base will have grooves and the top shelf will have slots. The cues will fit snugly into the grooves and slots. The cue rack features a front profile that can have any tapered shape, such as flat, half-diamond or semi-circle.

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