A Look At The Cornilleau Sport 240 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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If you are looking for the best outdoor table tennis table for home use or professional gaming, you should consider the Cornilleau sport 240 outdoor table tennis table. Not only is this table suitable for outdoor use, but also for indoor use. Its surface thickness is just right for a professional tennis table.

One of the things that you will love most about the Cornilleau sport 240 is the fact that it is made with materials that can withstand the weather. Since it is meant for outdoor use, it is manufactured with material that specifically combats glare and warping.  It is designed to be weather resistant.

So how does the Cornilleau sport 240 outdoor table tennis table differ from tables that are meant to be used indoors? This table has many similarities to indoor tables. It is the same width, height and length as  most indoor tables. The biggest difference is the material that the table tennis top is made of.

The Cornilleau sport 240 and other outdoor table tennis tables are a mixture of metal and wood and are finished with a coating in order to protect them from sun, wind and rain. Outdoor tables also feature sturdier frames, which makes them a little expensive compared to their indoor counterparts.

It is not a good idea to use an indoor table outside as the wood surface can badly deteriorate if it gets exposed to too much sunlight or becomes wet.  Since the frames of indoor tables are not sturdy, they may not hold up well if you have a slightly uneven surface. So if you are looking for a tennis table that you are sure will be used outside, consider purchasing the Cornilleau sport 240 outdoor table tennis table for the best experience.

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