Hybrid SUVs are a safe and environmentally friendly option

SUV all-season tires

Hybrid vehicles are great as you combine both the versatility of a combustion engine with the cleaner and cheaper energy of an electric car. You can then also combine, so one is used where it performs better and then the other can take over. The batteries can also be charged when you use the combustion engine to power the vehicle. This seamless transition between the electric motor and the combustion engine has made these SUVs very attractive.

They have shown very good safety statistics, which is why you also need to equip them with very good car tires of high quality. Make sure you get the correct dimension when you get new tires, so your vehicle performs as intended. If you are not sure about the tire size, you can use an online tire selector, which will give you the tire size that is recommended for your SUV, so that you can get the right size of SUV all-season tires for the summer season and SUV winter tires for the winter season.

Lower fuel consumption is of course a major contributor to the popularity of this vehicle, but SUV have better safety performance versus normal cars, but if you choose between a normal and a hybrid SUV, then fuel efficiency and environmental impact will be some of the key reasons for choosing a hybrid.

Rotation of the tires is important, so you need to steadily monitor the tread depth of the tires and also if there is a big difference between front tires and rear tires. When there is a difference of a few millimeters, then you should rotate the tires. With proper rotation you could be able to extend the life of your tires by as much as 50%.

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