Make sure that your tyre purchase is well researched

summer tyres

Maybe you don’t need to put down as much time as you do to select a new car as you do for your tyres, but your safety and performance depend heavily on the tyres that you have on your car. Bad tyres will make your car less safe and it will also lower the performance of the car. Tyres will need to be selected with a lot of factors taken into consideration. The type of vehicle that you drive, the speed and correct load rating, the dimension, the season and the dimension. Since there are numerous tyre options for your vehicle, you will need to take some time to ensure that the tyres that you ultimately select are the best one for your vehicle for the appropriate season.

You basically have the option to alternate between summer and winter tyres or then you go with all-weather tyres for the whole year or if you don’t have any winter conditions, then you can use summer tyres for the whole year. You will however have to refrain from driving if there would be some sudden unexpected snowstorm or snowfall. Winter tyres outperform summer tyres even at low temperatures, so you don’t even have to wait for snow as a reason to change or prefer to drive with winter tyres.

When selecting tyres new tyres you probably want to keep your rims and just get the tyres. You can check the rim size and tyre size either on the sidewall of the tyres or then in the car’s handbook. The tyre service station can change the tyres and recycle the old tyres as they put on the new ones and balance them by adding environmentally friendly weights to reduce or eliminate any side forces as the tyre rotates.

It might be well worth the time to use a tyre selector to get to the best tyre for your vehicle. With it you can select either what car you have, the model and year combined with the engine type and it will provide you with the recommended tyres for that vehicle. You can also search on the dimensions. It is always easier to search among a limited range of tyres that are available and fit your vehicle.

You can also make an online search based on the dimension, so that you look for 205/55R16 summer tyres to see what tyre options that come up in the search. For the alternatives that you find you can then access different tyre related facts and information. The EU tyre label tends to give good and useful information for summer tyres when it comes to fuel efficiency, wet grip and tyre noise. You would probably also want to dig deeper into how well the tyres are at preventing aquaplaing as that is one of the main reasons for accidents during the summers when you have heavy rain.

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