Beware of aquaplaning during summertime

All-weather tires

Driving during rain and thunderstorms is associated with some dangers; the biggest risk is that the water on the road can cause aquaplaning. This happens when the tires lose contact with the road surface and glide on top of the water. This is a scary condition, as you lose all control over the vehicle. It can therefor also be dangerous, as you can easily get into an accident when you don’t have any control.

There are a few ways to reduce the chance of aquaplaning. First of all, you need good quality all-season tires or then all-weather tires. You need to check that they have a tread depth of at least 5/32 inches. With reduced tread depth the chance of aquaplaning increases.

Select tires, which states that it is good at preventing aquaplaning, as the tread has been specially designed for effectively being able to channel away water from the surface.

Limit the speed according to the circumstances. Speed has a big impact on the probability for aquaplaning, so lower speed is preferable.

The best way to get out of aquaplaning is to just take the foot of the gas pedal and wait for the tires to gain traction again. Do not make big steering movements, as you don’t want to cause big change of direction when the tires get traction.

Always select high-quality tires, make sure that is designed to prevent aquaplaning, limit your speed and make sure that the tread depth is above 5/32 inches. If you have all this covered, then it should be safe to drive even if it rains.

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