Time to change tires unless you have all-weather tires or live in an area without winters

winter tires

If you live in a state of province that has snow during the wintertime, you should have been driving around with either winter tires or then all-weather tires. All-season tires are not meant to be used during the winter season if you have winter conditions. The all-season tires are not approved for winter use and the tires have not been optimized to handle winters with snow and ice.

Changing of tires should be done once the winter comes to an end and the risk for it returning is low. If you change to early and you have some stint of returning winter weather, it can be dangerous to drive. This is why it is better to wait a bit longer with changing to all-season tires for the summer. Especially if you are dependent on your car for everyday use. It is always dangerous and not recommended to drive a vehicle that doesn’t have winter approved tires mounted on it. All-season tires become hard at low temperatures and can’t provide sufficient grip during cold temperatures. The depth of the tread is also important so if you have old and worn out tires it becomes even more dangerous. Make sure that you check the tread depth of your tires and change to new tires if your tires have a lower tread depth than 5/32 inches.

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