Aluminium Roller Shutters Maintenance Tips

Roller shutters are made to withstand various forms of damage and corrosion. However, they will sustain damage over time, prompting a merited maintenance routine to ensure longevity.

Maintaining an aluminium roller shutter is not as simple as hosing down dirt from the surface. You’ll need to follow several steps and perform specific actions to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and no component becomes damaged.

If you are unsure how to properly maintain your aluminium shutters exterior, explore our tips below:

Clean Dirt and Grime

Before washing, wipe the surface of dust and dirt with a clean cloth. Use an old t-shirt, rag, or a soft microfibre cloth. Avoid steel wool or any stiff brushes.

Never skip this step, as fine particles can become abrasive and leave scratches if left behind before you begin cleaning.

Also, removing dust and dirt with cloth ensures they do not run down the shutters and get stuck in cracks, crevices, and small spaces.

Water and Soap

Wiping with a cloth may not be enough to eliminate stubborn debris. You’ll need to use a mixture of water and soap to loosen them. 

Always use mild soap, such as mild detergent or dish soap, mixed with warm water. Fill the mixture in a spray bottle for easy use.

When cleaning, spray the surface with soap and water, then wipe to cover all spots. Follow an up-and-down motion when wiping instead of side-to-side to keep the slats from misaligning.

Between the Shutter Guides

Next, clean the dirt stuck between the shutter guides carefully.

Use a soft-bristled brush to dislodge dust, lint, and debris gently. Once you’ve cleared the dirt, wipe the guides with warm water and let them completely dry before lowering them.

Wipe and Dry

Finally, wipe your aluminium roller shutters with clean water to remove the remaining dirt, then use a dry microfibre cloth to dry the whole surface thoroughly. Make sure not to leave any parts moist, as this might damage your shutters.

Use Proper Lubrication

If you need to lubricate your roller shutters, use silicone-based or dry lubricant suitable for aluminium shutter components.

Do not use WD-40 or any oil-based products since they could corrode or compromise the operation of your shutters.

Need New Roller Shutters?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of roller shutters are paramount to their functionality and life. However, there might come a time when your shutters have seen better days, and you must retire them.

If you’re interested in top-grade aluminium roller shutters suitable for commercial and residential applications, contact QLD Roller Shutters today for a quick quote.