Tesla and Window Tinting - Benefits and Varieties

Tesla and Window Tinting: Benefits and Varieties

Tesla is a superb electronic vehicle that various individuals admire. Ellon Musk, a business magnate and investor, is the one who administered to build such a machine. His keenness to expedite the advent of eco-friendly transport made him create an all-time chart-topping automobile. Its autopilot, Caraoke, bioweapon defense mode, web browser, air suspension, and touchscreen features lured more than 800,000 consumers even before the start of 2021. 

This vehicle’s price ranges from $47,000 (Model 3) to $120,000 (Model X). Hence, individuals who own a Tesla must guarantee they take good care of it to maintain its splendid features.

One good example of its preservation is applying a window tint. This film is a thin layer of tinge that consists of various benefits, such as:

  1. Reducing the sun’s glare and blinding car headlights
  2. Blocks cancerous UV rays
  3. Enhances the auto’s appearance
  4. Darkens car windows for security purposes

It has various shades that ensure car owners attain what suits their vehicle and personal needs. Tesla car tinting in Orange County assures they provide a valuable and one-time investment for Tesla users. They offer the best film varieties like:

  1. Dyed – It is the most affordable tint available. This film consists only of several layers that can soak up sunlight as it tries to infiltrate windows. It is cheap but, unfortunately, it tends to fade in due time. 
  2. Metalized – This contains micro metal particles that utilize reflection to keep the sunlight out. It is stripe-like and gives off a shiny effect to the automobile. Howbeit, it interferes with GPS and radio signals.
  3. Ceramic – It is one of the most popular window films in the market. Ceramics can hinder 99% of UV rays since it does not have dyes or metal specks. Unlike dyed window tint that bubbles and decay when overexposed in heat, it does not fade. It is also different from metalized window film, which blocks GPS and radio signals. Plus, it has a luxurious appearance that adds sophistication to a car. The only downside it has is its extravagance.

These top-three bestselling classifications offer various attributes. Tesla owners can choose between these categories and ascertain they acquire what they need to avoid unexpected challenges.

See to it you are making the right decision in choosing the best car window tint. For reference, continue reading the infographic below created and designed by car window tinting enterprise OC Tintz: