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A Beginner’s Guide for Motorcycle Ergonomics

When riding a motorcycle, it is important to consider your and your fellow motorists’ safety. Therefore, paying attention to your motorcycle’s ergonomics is a must. Your motorbike is designed with ergonomics to help reduce the risk of backdraft, fatigue, and soreness. But aside from modifying your motorcycle and adding elements, such as a motorcycle luggage rack, to make your ride more comfortable, there are several steps you can take to make your ride even more pleasant.

Exercise helps prevent fatigue and soreness on motorcycle rides

Exercise is an excellent way to prepare yourself for long motorcycle rides. The exercise does not necessarily need to be extensive. A few simple exercises before you ride to help limber up your muscles is enough. In addition, try your best to avoid roads with too much traffic so you can ride at a lower speed. Heavy traffic can be exhausting. You also changed positions every few minutes to provide the muscles with some movement. You can make your ride more comfortable and less stressful by alternating your weight.

Foam grip covers reduce hand discomfort and fatigue

Foam grip covers are an excellent way to improve hand comfort when riding motorcycles. They add extra thickness to standard motorcycle grips and reduce the vibration of the handlebars. But if you are to purchase a foam grip, make sure that the covers are made from UV-resistant material so that they would not break down or soften after prolonged exposure to the elements.

Risers and barbacks improve riding comfort

Risers and handlebar barbacks are excellent ways to improve riding comfort. They help improve posture and reduce fatigue. Many models feature adjustable heights, making it easy to adjust them to suit individual riding styles. Risers raise the handlebars by up to one inch, while barbacks move the bars one inch forward or back. Some models also include triple step-down clamps, allowing the rider to adjust the height to their liking.

Avoid using plexiglass windscreens

If your motorcycle has a windscreen, plexiglass may not be the best option for your motorbike as it can create a backdraft. In addition, they can be noisy and unattractive. These windscreens also cause a lot of buffeting to your head, which can be a concern if you are driving a high-speed motorcycle or crosswinds.

Now that you have an initial idea of how to make your motorcycle ride comfortable, try checking out this beginner’s guide for motorcycle ergonomics blog by Motorrad.