There are many ways for car owners to know how much car window percentage they should avail. They can ask a car window tinting Swindon specialist to measure the windows. These experts have years of experience and can accurately calculate the rates. They will use a tool like a police tool that gives a reading of the tint percentage. Window tint specialists also utilize a scale to determine it on a window.

The first thing an individual should do is know the different tint percentage options.

VLT is the primary determinant of window tint darkness. It refers to the amount of visible sunlight that passes through the tint film. The lower the VLT ratio and the darker the tint, the lighter it can penetrate. The higher the VLT per cent, the brighter it can penetrate the vehicle.

Manufacturers of window tinting in Cornwall offer different options for tint percentages:

  • 90% tint – It is one of the most lightweight window tint films and allows 90% VLT. This tint gives decent sun protection despite allowing visible light to penetrate significantly.
  • 70% tint – This option is available if a client needs a lighter shade with more excellent sun protection. This type of tint blocks approximately 30% of visible sunlight.
  • 50% tint – This material blocks half of visible light and the sun’s UV rays. This tint percentage helps to reduce glare while driving and increases comfort.
  • 35% tint — This tint percentage is what many car owners prefer. Although darker than the previous three options, customers can still see through the window. The tint percentage also gives the vehicle an elegant and fashionable look.
  • 20% tint – This tint percentage can be a good choice if a person wants to enhance their car’s privacy.
  • 5% tint is the darkest available. This tint is only available for private cars and limousines’ back windows. This window tint percentage could also be illegal in certain countries.

Asking a car window tinting professional may help. However, car owners should be aware of the various alternatives available. Through comprehension, they will know the best material for their benefit. It will also help them spend the correct budget on purchase and installation.

See the infographic below created and designed by Global Tink UK to learn more about how to choose the right percentage of window tint for your car:

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