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If you’re a newcomer to motorcycle riding, the chances of you falling off your bike are the highest. While learning the ropes, there are many opportunities to make mistakes and fall, and crash bars can help you avoid leg crushing. 

A crash bar is a great investment in your motorcycle. And with the benefits, it’s well worth the investment.

They can also prevent the rider from getting crushed during a fall.

First, crash bars are designed to protect the side of your motorcycle in low and high-speed crashes. They protect the bike’s frame in higher-speed impacts as well. 

One motorcycle crash bar manufacturer, Outback Motortek, designed the F800GS with a purpose-built impact zone to 

Although mild steel is cheaper to produce than stainless steel, it’s less durable and easier to work with. 

A quality crash bar is made of high-quality material, with clean, even welds and bends. The welded connection is the most vulnerable area of a crash bar, so make sure the welds are clean and even. You should be able to spot a few uneven areas, but it’s important that they are not visible.

It can’t be used as a winch, but it can act as a handle in a pinch. An upper crash bar also acts as a great anchor point for tarp or laundry line. An appropriately-designed skid plate can also be used as a stand when performing trailside repairs. sw motech skid plates even let you zip tie your tools to them.


Another important safety component for your bike is an engine guard. These hoop-shaped bars are installed on the engine, protecting the rider and the engine during an accident. While these motorcycle protection do protect the rider’s legs in low-speed accidents, they do not protect the rider’s legs from crashing into the engine. Besides that, crash bars also provide a place to mount fog lights and highway foot pegs.

If you’re looking to protect yourself from serious injuries from motorcycle crashes, it’s worth investing in a crash bar. While crash bars may seem like an unnecessary expense, they could save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses and improve your quality of life. They are also made from chrome-plated stainless steel. You should buy crash bars for your motorcycle if you have the money.

If you’re unsure whether or not you should invest in motorcycle crash bars, read this article/infographic. It’ll give you the facts about this safety equipment at Motorrad Garage.