Window Film for your Home or Office Security

Burglary is a dominant concern nowadays that needs necessary preventive measures. Each year, an average of 2.5 million break-ins occur, as The Zebra reported. This crime caused $3.4 trillion in losses to public and private properties.

So, no one is to blame for people installing CCTV or alarm systems in their houses or offices. For 24/7 protection, they also invest in window tinting Yuba City CA residents and the like afford.

And here are the reasons why window tint Yuba City CA became a trend:

Slowing Down Intruders

Window films can’t stop burglars from breaking into your house. But it can slow them down. The film’s thin layers make it difficult for criminals to breakthrough. As their forced entry get prolonged, you gain more time to call the police for help.

Achieving Privacy

Not all can’t take the attention of outsiders at their house or workplace. It can be distracting and scary, especially if you are a privy individual. Establishments also need privacy to protect the confidentiality of their documents. Tinted films could be the solution you’re looking for. Applying them to windows could make your space private and comfortable.

Increases Shatter Resistance

A stray object, such as a ball can break tinted glass windows. So are the tools used by thieves to enter your premises. Question: does this make window tinting useless? The answer is NOPE!

With films, your window can hold and contain sharp shards that could hurt you and your family. It is two-way protection against acts of burglary and other crimes.

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