Common Causes of Car Window Damage

There are many common causes of car damage but there are also some unique causes of damage to your vehicle. Weather is perhaps one of the most common and obvious sources of damage to your vehicle. No matter what the weatherman tells you, there is no escaping the fact that the weather will damage your vehicle. Rain, sleet, hail, snow, and ice can all contribute to damage to your vehicle on a temporary or permanent basis. Whether you live in Alaska, Massachusetts, California, or any other place on the globe, the weather is never easy!

Water is another common source of damage to vehicles. Whether you live in Florida or Massachusetts, if you park your car in a covered parking lot, then you can be guaranteed of some sort of water damage to your vehicle. The sun is also capable of causing damage to cars. Car damage caused by the sun includes fading of the paint, discoloration, and even bubbling. Although many modern cars are equipped with windows that shield the interior of the car from the sun’s rays, the interior can still suffer sun damage.

Even when you park your vehicle inside your garage, there is still the possibility of damage from the sun or rain. Many people park their modern cars inside their garage, which is a real shame. The garage is not designed to withstand being parked outdoors for extended periods of time. The structure of modern cars is such that they need to be protected from both the elements surrounding them. It would not make much sense to purchase a nice luxury car, only to have it damaged by wind or rain because you did not protect your investment appropriately.

Another common cause of car damage is total loss. This is when you lose the actual vehicle to a fire. The sad truth is that the majority of vehicle fires do not cause total loss. Many people mistakenly believe that if the vehicle burns, then the coverage provided by their insurance will cover it, but in reality, this is usually not the case.

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