Types Of Workplace Testing

Workplace Testing

Workplace testing is becoming very popular by the day. As a way of employers ensuring they end up promoting the employee with the right skills and capabilities, employers conduct workplace testing. Workplace testing is also conducted to help figure out the employee responsible for a workplace problem. Some workplace testing is termed illegal by the court of law depending on how much they invade someone’s privacy. There are several types of workplace testing, below are some of the types.

The first type of workplace testing is drug testing. This is a very common type of test in organizations. It is conducted at different levels of employment. Some employers require applicants to submit to drug testing before any other step into the recruitment and selection process. The most common drug testing is conducted to employees within then organization after a certain period of time annually. Mostly the issue of drug testing is included in the job description to prevent cases of an employee suing the organization for a drug test. Drug testing is important as it helps safeguard workers as accidents are more likely to happen intoxication and may hinder job performance.

The second type of workplace testing is performance and skill testing. Employers try every way possible to ensure their employees are performing their duties effectively and efficiently. Here an employee assessment on performance is conducted. Performance testing is most important when determining the training needs of employees and the right employee for promotion. Workplace skill testing and assessment help ensure you promote fairly. Organizations have specific programs for conducting these tests.

Lastly, another type of workplace testing is COVID testing. This one is more common lately. After the pandemic hit worldwide, it changed the ways even organizations operate. COVID workplace testing is compulsory in most countries. Organizations vary on the intervals per test. Rapid antigen testing is the most commonly used in COVID workplace testing due to its quickness in yielding results.

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