The Essential Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow Every Year

Car maintenance tips are a dime a dozen. They may be all over the place on the internet or they may come in little packets of information printed on fliers that can be stuck to your windshield or splayed across your locker in front of your partner. One of the most basic and most undervalued car maintenance tips is to wash your car regularly. This doesn’t mean washing it down with your favorite beverage every morning. A lot of people think that by washing their car with their favorite deodorant or dishwashing detergent they will prolong the life of their car but that isn’t true at all.

What car maintenance tips should you follow is to wash your car with a cleaner that cleans well, such as an aerosol cleaner. Use the proper type of detergent. Some dishwashing detergents will not clean like they are supposed to and they leave the soapy residue that is very hard to remove. The cleaners you use for your dishes are very different from the ones you use to wash your car.

Washing your car regularly will help keep dust and grime from accumulating on the exterior and inside of the car which wear down the paintwork. If you take care of your car properly it will last you for a much longer time. Another important car maintenance tip you should keep in mind is to always let your car air dry when you wash it. Leaving car soap in the car will create soap film that will attract dirt and grime and prevent the air drying the car off. To know more about the essential car maintenance tips you should follow every year, check out and read this article.

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