Reasons For A Fit To Work Assessment

Fit To Work

Fit to work assessments is mostly conducted to determine an employee’s fitness after a period of illness and injury. It is sometimes conducted as a condition for a job transfer. The purpose of a fit to work assessment is to ensure an employee is medically fit to work in an organization working conditions. It involves an employee visiting a general practitioner to determine whether he/she is fit or unfit for the job. Below are some of the reasons and conditions in which a fit to work assessment is done.

The first condition for conducting a fit to work assessment is when there has been a significant change in the company’s working conditions due to transfers or simply other change agents. The reason for the test is to ensure the employee can work in the new conditions without endangering him/herself and coworkers.

The second condition for conducting a fit to work assessment is where there has been a change in an employee’s health and his/ her capability to perform as before is questionable. The fit to work assessment is needed to assure the employer that the employee is still capable of handling his/her duties.

Another reason for a fit to work assessment is when an employee has gone on leave and another employee is promoted to conduct the duties of the other employee. A fit work assessment in this case is necessary to prove the capabilities of the said employee before handling the major duties.

The last reason for a fit to work assessment is in cases of an employee developing a medical condition. It is the employer’s duty, in this case, to ensure that the employee’s condition does not incapacitate him/her in the job performance. The assessment, in this case, is very important it can be a way to prevent injuries to oneself or fellow employees.

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