Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine featured image

Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine [Infographic]

The country is now under the GCQ or the General Community Quarantine, which allowed many drivers who were stuck on lockdown to go to their work as several businesses reopen. Car accidents still occurred during the ECQ and the MECQ, when there were fewer cars than usual. Car insurance in the Philippines can help drivers stay secure on the road, even when they get caught in an accident.

Having insurance is not the only way to stay secure on the road since no one wants to experience the hardships of an accident. Car owners must always maintain their vehicles to avoid road accidents. Some of the parts of the car that owners should check on are the oil, battery, and lights.

The car’s oil is essential to keep the vehicle from stalling by ensuring that the moving parts are lubricated. Changing the oil ensures that what the drivers use are free of moisture, metal filings, and others that can damage the engine. Any leaks must also be fixed as soon as possible.

If car owners still won’t use their cars during the GCQ, they should consider disconnecting the car battery to avoid suffering from electrical discharges. Starting the car once a week and letting it idle for a few minutes also achieves the same result. Cars must also have clean terminals and a proper cable-to-terminal connection.

People should check their vehicles’ lights and ensure that none of them are faulty to ensure that they remain safe on the road. Drivers communicate using their lights and warn others of what they’re about to do on the road. Should there be any cracks or defects, car owners should have them replaced as soon as possible.

Car insurance las piñas owners must know how they can maintain their vehicles to ensure that they’ll stay safe on the road and won’t become a hazard for other drivers. This infographic by can help car owners keep their cars well-maintained, read on to know more.